How a Cleaning is Performed

Learn the Details of Your Dental Cleaning by Your Dentist in Easton

Professionals like your dentist in Easton recommend cleaning your teeth at least twice a day. Many people don’t follow the recommendation and they end up cleaning their teeth once daily. If you avoid cleaning your teeth by brushing and flossing twice a day, every day, the bacteria will build up and cause issues like cavities, tartar, decay, and more. We believe it’s best for your smile to visit Rose Dental Center twice each year for teeth cleaning to remove tartar buildup and any bacteria that might cause harm to your smile.

There are many reasons that people dread visiting the dentist for a cleaning, some being fears and other personal reactions. Sometimes, people assume that a teeth cleaning is painful! For your convenience, we’ve listed what happens during a routine cleaning at our office so you’re more familiar with the setting.


The first thing our dental hygienist will do is to observe your teeth utilizing our dental tools. Inspection is usually done to know the extent of build-up and if there other potential danger if a cleaning is performed. If the dental hygienist senses any abnormality after inspection, we’ll confirm with Dr. Baddoo before carrying out the cleaning procedure.

Plaque and Tartar Cleaning

The dental hygienists use a tool called a scaler to scrap out tartar and plaque that has built up or hidden in between your teeth. The time it takes to remove tartar will depend on the individual patient. If you have been brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, every day, it’ll typically take less time.


To remove the scrapped dirt from your teeth, the dental hygienists uses a high powered brush and abrasive toothpaste. You’re even able to choose whatever flavor you’d like us to brush your teeth with! This type of cleaning is recommended only twice a year to prevent wearing of the enamel.

Flossing and Rinsing

It might seem not necessary for your dental hygienist to floss your teeth, but we’re able to see and access parts of your teeth that you may have difficulty reaching on your own.

After all the steps are complete, we’ll provide a mouthwash to use for rinsing and removing any lingering bacteria present after the cleaning.

It’s important for you (and your smile) to visit your dentist every six months for a professional dental cleaning. A toothbrush doesn’t reach in some part of your teeth where bits of food can hide and become a breeding zone for bacteria, which is why it’s important to floss since it can help you remove hidden food particles hidden.

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