Get Back to the Basics

Use Simple Tips from Your Dentist in Easton for a Strong and Healthy Smile

Cavities are much easier to get than you may think! While this dental problem may seem minor, they can actually cause a lot more damage to your teeth if they’re not properly cared for by your dentist in Easton. Below are some tips that you can follow in your daily routine in order to maintain a strong, healthy smile.

Eat Nutritious Foods

By eating balanced meals, you protect your teeth from damage. What goes in your mouth affects your overall well-being and your dental health. Make sure you eat plenty of calcium-rich foods, like milk, low-fat yogurt, and cheese. In addition, protein is essential for building healthy mouths. Eat poultry, meat, dairy, and fish.

Eating vegetables and fruits ensures you receive another fiber which cleans your system of harmful elements. The most important thing you can do for your health and teeth is to avoid any sugars.

Drink Your Water

You need to make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and rinse out your mouth. Drinking water rinses the mouth of acids, sugars and food particles. It’s essential that you drink fluoridated water which fortifies the teeth against cavity-causing acids. Most tap water includes fluoride, but some bottled waters contain it as well.

Avoid putting anything extra in your water. While it might taste good to squeeze a lemon in your water, the constant exposure hurts your teeth. Stay clear of acidic fruits in your water and your teeth will be grateful.

Brushing & Flossing

In as little as two minutes, twice a day, you can have healthier teeth. Just be sure you brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush and ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste. Replace your brush every three months or sooner if the bristles appear worn.

Brush your teeth with short strokes going back and forth. You need to reach every side of your tooth including the chewing surfaces, inside and outside.

Flossing is just as important and must be done once a day. Flossing scrapes the plaque out from between your teeth and reduces the risk of cavities. If you have trouble with floss, try an interdental cleaner instead.

Most Importantly

Make sure you visit your dentist in Easton twice a year. Your examination is the perfect time to diagnose any issues you weren’t aware of. Taking care of your teeth will ensure you don’t need to receive treatment for cavities.

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