Why are My Gums Receding?

Identify Gum Recession with Your Easton Family Dentists

As your gums slowly recede, it can be difficult to spot. That’s because it happens at such a slow pace and isn’t noticeable to our eye. It might take someone else pointing it out or looking at an old picture of our smile. Once we are aware that our gums are receding, we naturally begin to wonder why. Below, your Easton family dentists break down the process and how to prevent it from happening.

Is This Normal?

Gum recession can be a common part of the aging process, but there is nothing considered normal about it. Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent it from occurring.

The biggest reasons our gums recede are:

  • Grinding teeth

  • Clenching the teeth together

  • Improper or aggressive brushing

  • Flossing aggressively

  • Exposing the teeth to dangerous acids from drinks or food

  • Smoking

  • Overuse of whitening agents

Each one of these causes are preventable; isn’t that great news?

Prevention of Gum Recession

Addressing the causes listed above; here are some ways to prevent the recession of gums.

  • Wear a mouthguard if you grind your teeth

  • Learn the proper techniques for brushing your teeth

  • Go easy with the floss

  • Don’t smoke

  • Avoid energy drinks or acidic foods and beverages

  • Use whitening products as directed

Steps to Identify When Your Gums are Receding

The most important step is to be proactive with your care. If you visit Dr. Baddoo on a regular basis, we’ll be able to monitor the gums for any changes. In fact, when the dentist is poking inside the mouth and reciting numbers to the hygienist, they are measuring and gauging your gum health for your records. If you are curious what all the numbers mean, simply ask!

The next step is to be aware of tooth sensitivity. As your gums recede, they leave your tooth vulnerable to sensitivities from temperature, foods and other conditions. The first sign that something might not be right is the best time to seek a professional opinion. Maybe you’ll find out that nothing is wrong, but it is better to act proactively than to face costly and painful dental procedures down the road.

Finally, be sure that you are adequately caring for your teeth and gums through regular oral hygiene practices. Brushing and flossing are your first line of defense against dental conditions.

If you have any more questions or concerns, or you’re simply ready to make an appointment with your Easton family dentists, call our office today at (610) 923-8340 to pick the best date and time for you.