Fluoride and Adults

Your Dentist in Easton Explains the Importance of Fluoride for Smiles of All Ages

Children are usually given fluoride treatments at each routine dental appointment. This is meant to help ensure that they have strong permanent teeth, avoid tooth decay and other oral issues. However, should adults be concerned with their fluoride? Are fluoride treatments something that adults need to be getting as well? Your dentist in Easton says yes! Fluoride is something that all adults still need to be aware of and concerned about for their oral health.

Why Fluoride is Important

Fluoride is important for almost every stage of teeth development. In fact, fluoride can help with:

  • Providing calcium for your teeth which ensures they are healthy and strong

  • Increasing the strength of the enamel

  • Can lower the chances of developing cavities

  • Can help decrease oral related diseases and other problems

This is why your dentist in Easton believes that getting fluoride is still important, even when you are an adult.

Getting Fluoride as an Adult

In most cases, dental insurance will not pay for fluoride treatments once the person is past the age of 14 years old. There are those who opt to pay for these treatments on their own, which is always an option. However, there are a few other ways in which you can get the fluoride that you need:

  • Utilize oral products that contain additional fluoride such as toothpaste or mouthwash

  • Eat a balanced meal to get all of your nutrients and minerals.

  • Drink water that has been enhanced with fluoride

It should be noted that fluoride does decrease at rather high rates in adults. The acids in your mouth are going to start stripping away the enamel, which can make the need for fluoride mandatory. If you find that you cannot get this on your own, then treatments for this is the only way to go.

If you believe that you may be lacking when it comes to the level of fluoride in your system, then be sure to talk with your dentist in Easton. He or she can give you a good idea of what they can help you with and check to ensure that the lack of fluoride has not caused any permanent issues. Call us today at (610) 923-8340 to schedule your appointment and learn more about our available treatments.