3 Myths about Going to the Dentist

Easton PA Dentist Battles Harmful Myths about Your Routine Visits

Are you scared about going to your Easton, PA dentist? Don’t worry, most people are. But, in most cases, they shouldn’t be! Let’s start by quelling the most common myths about your dental health.

My Gums Bleed When I Brush, So, I Should Brush Less

This couldn’t be further from the truth! When your gums bleed during brushing, it is typically because you have plaque buildup and the gums have become sensitive and inflamed. If you don’t brush your teeth (bleeding gums or otherwise) you aren’t getting the plaque out and only making the situation worse.

As strange as it may sound if you have bleeding gums, they actually benefit from more stimulation. So, in addition to brushing, also continue to floss! This will ensure you are getting the inflammatory bits and particles out, ensuring you have healthy gums. Also ensure you are using a soft toothbrush head, rather than a medium, hard, or course. These are not good for your teeth and gums!

Dental-Grade Whitening Weakens My Teeth and Enamel

This is also simply not true. Yes, whitening material permeates your teeth and enamel, but it is working beneath the surface to whiten your teeth. Since bleaching removes color/pigmentation, the only thing you really need to worry about is using too many over-the-counter products. Your teeth can become translucent and ultimately appear grey instead of white!

If You Have Bad Breath, You Aren’t Brushing Correctly

While in some cases this might be true, in the vast majority of cases, it simply is not. Most cases of bad breath are due to the foods you ingest or medical conditions. If you eat garlic and onion and you have bad breath, it isn’t because the garlic and onion particles are stuck in your teeth, it is because they are digesting in your stomach and causing bad breath!

You can also have bad breath if you stomach over produces acids (often causing acid reflux or heartburn). This can be adjusted by taking anti-acids, not “brushing better.” Additionally, some illnesses (and medications) will throw off your pH balance or bacterial synergy, causing you to have bad breath!

How Can I Be Sure?

In any case, if you are not convinced that these 3 myths are just that – myths, schedule a visit with your Easton, PA dentist. Your dentist will assure you that bleeding gums do not mean you need to skip brushing your teeth so that they can heal. Your dentist will confirm that dental-grade whitening won’t damage or weaken your teeth. If you have bad breath, your dentist will be able to determine if it is due to poor dental hygiene or something else. Take advantage of what your dentist can offer you in terms of dental health and knowledge, call Rose Dental Care today at 610-923-8340.