How to Fight Bruxism

Easton Family Dentist Provides Tips for Bruxism

According to the American Dental Association, and your Easton family dentist,  10 to 15 percent of adults suffer from bruxism, also commonly known as teeth grinding. The said condition can trigger other serious side effects on your smile. So, if you frequently find yourself grinding your teeth at night, you may want to follow these tips:

Seek Professional Help

If you plan to cure bruxism, but you’re just not sure where to start, then perhaps you should begin looking for an expert practitioner. You can look for reliable dentists on state dental boards, on certified websites, and even from your healthcare insurance provider.

Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol Intake

Products with caffeine and alcohol stimulate the nervous system, and if the consumption is left uncontrolled, the effects can lead to bruxism. The best way to control caffeine and alcohol intake is by taking less before bedtime. Moderate consumption of sugar and water can also help lessen bruxism.

Find Time to Loosen Up

It’s recommended that people with bruxism should find time to relax because stress is one of its primary causes. Anyone suffering from bruxism should start having meditation as it can help calm the nerves.

Use airway masks if you’re suffering from Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a breathing problem wherein the people suffering from it tend to have long pauses in breathing. They also look for different avenues to improve their breathing and that’s where bruxism happens. Experts recommend that people suffering from Sleep Apnea wear airway masks over their nose to improve their breathing.

Wear Night Guards

Night guards are dental tools that stop the surfaces of the teeth from grinding together during sleep, and it can help reduce bruxism for a few days or a week or two. It can be bought in many pharmacies, but the high-quality ones are usually prescribed by dentists.


If you're suffering from bruxism, we urge you to call your Easton family dentist today at (610) 923-8340 and schedule a consultation.