Brighten Your Smile in One Visit to Your Easton Family Dental Office

A popular procedure available at our practice for boosting the appearance of the smile is that of teeth whitening. Patients seeking a brighter, whiter smile can achieve it with professional-grade cosmetic treatments including our in-office power bleaching and at-home tray whitening. Both are comfortable and safe for patients who are interested in whitening stained and discolored teeth.

whitening .png

ZOOM! is the whitening process used in our practice for immediate results. The entire process can take approximately one hour and can be performed during a lunch break for many of our patients. Before starting, a protective gel is applied to the gums which keep the soft tissues from becoming damaged from the whitening ingredients. A gel is then applied to the surfaces of the teeth that is light-activated. Patients rest while a light or laser brings the active ingredients into action! Once the whitening procedure is completed, patients will leave the dental office with a take-home gel, custom whitening tray, and instructions to keep their smile looking bright and beautiful. With continued whitening at home, patients can enjoy the results of ZOOM! whitening for several years.

Another option that is less expensive and more convenient is that of our take-home tray whitening solution. The results of this treatment are more gradual. Patients visit the dental office for a series of impression which fabricate custom trays. These trays are typically completed within a day or two. Patients pick up their dental trays along with professional-grade whitening gel and instructions to follow to achieve their new, dazzling smile. Patients can whiten until they achieve the results they want, or continue to whiten regularly for maintenance.

If you are interested in learning more about professional-grade whitening treatments available, please contact our Easton family dental office for a consultation appointment by calling (610) 923-8340.