What You Need To Know...

Patients who are interested in making over their smile without the expensive, long-term dental procedures often required are typically interested in a product called the Snap-On Smile. The Snap-On Smile works exactly as expected. A set of new “teeth” are fabricated in a way that they are placed over the existing teeth. A brand new, beautiful smile is available to you in just a few painless, fast visits to our dental practice.

Patients with cracked, chipped, stained, or missing teeth are wonderful candidates for the Snap-On Smile solution. On the very first visit to our dental facility, our team will work with you to pick the style and shade of your new smile. Impressions are made of your current smile so the restoration can fit properly over the top. This restoration is fabricated with durable, light resin materials for a durable yet thin set of teeth. In less than three weeks, your new restoration will be available at the dental office, and your next visit is when the dentist fits the Snap-On Smile apparatus over your current teeth to show you your brand new smile! The entire process is fast, painless, and affordable, and eliminates whitening chemicals, extractions, and drilling.

The transformation with Snap-On Smiles will impress your family and friends. You can eat, drink, smile, and talk with your Snap-On Smile restoration. Caring for the restoration is easier than ever. Our office provides a cleaning solution at the final appointment that can be used to clean the restoration. The Snap-On Smile oral appliance should be removed for brushing the natural teeth, participating in sporting events, or while sleeping. Patients who care for their Snap-On Smile will enjoy their restoration for up to five years! If you are interested in the Snap-On Smile restoration or would like to speak with our team during a scheduled consultation appointment, give us a call. You are just two quick dental visits away from obtaining the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!