What You Need To Know...

A nonconventional way of straightening the teeth without brackets are wires is called Invisalign. This method involves a series of plastic, clear aligner trays that patients wear to move the teeth. The movement of natural teeth with aligners is not a new concept. However, using the Invisalign computer software, a series of trays can be fabricated with minute changes to make this a revolutionary treatment. Those with mild to moderate misalignment, crowding, and spacing are recommended for Invisalign. The benefits of Invisalign is that they are practically undetectable when worn, are comfortable to wear, and are easy to use and care for.

Traditional Braces
Conventional orthodontics are sometimes the right choice for patients. They are noticeable on the smile, but these strong metal alloys are now developed from the NASA space program. The strength of these brackets and wires allow them to be extremely small and more comfortable than their more traditional counterparts. The density of these braces provide faster results. When combined with high-tech materials, more conventional braces can achieve amazing results with fewer visits to the dental office.

Clear Braces
For patients who are concerned about the aesthetic appearance of their braces, our practice may recommend ceramic braces or “clear” braces. These are much less noticeable since the brackets are translucent. They blend in with the smile to avoid the metallic appearance of conventional metal bracket and wire braces. They are fabricated in a way to avoid discoloration and staining over time. The orthodontist at our practice can recommend clear ceramic braces for patients who are appropriate candidates.