What You Need To Know...

Dentures are removable replacements that can be used for lost teeth and the surrounding gum tissues. There are two types available including partial dentures and complete dentures. Patients who have natural teeth remaining and need to replace one or more within the arch may benefit from partial dentures, while those who need to replace all of their teeth are better suited for complete dentures. Dentures are fabricated to match the remaining teeth and to resemble the natural teeth so not only do they integrate well with the existing smile, but they can even create a better one!


Complete Dentures – Complete dentures are used to replace all the teeth if they have been lost or extracted. They are custom-made to look like the patient’s natural smile and are positioned in place where the previous teeth once were. Complete dentures are made to be removable for easy cleaning and care, though they may require regular adjustments to fit properly within the mouth.

Partial Dentures – A partial denture is removable and is best for patients with teeth still intact within the lower or upper jaw. These replacement teeth are attached to a plastic base made to match the gum tissue color and uses existing teeth for support. A fixed partial denture is another option for these types of patients, where an oral restoration is made yet cemented in place using the surrounding teeth for support and stability. Dentures help restore functionality and beauty within the smile.