What You Need To Know...

.Restorations such as crowns and bridges are used to replace or restore missing or damaged teeth.

A dental crown, a restoration oftentimes referred to as a dental “cap,” is a restoration that is made to cover a damaged tooth entirely. It can improve the strength, appearance, alignment, and shape of a tooth. They are used in many situations, including the protection of a weakened tooth due to fractures or root canal therapy, the placement of a dental bridge, coverage for a dental implant to act as a false tooth, replacing a filling when the area of decay is too large, and covering a tooth that is poorly-shaped or discolored.


Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth. The bridge is made of artificial teeth called pontics that are fused with a dental crown on each side. A bridge is bonded in place using the adjacent teeth for support—hence the reference to “bridging the gap.” This option is great for filling a space left behind by a missing tooth. It provides cosmetic enhancement as well as improved functionality after tooth loss. Creating bridges is an exact science and an art. Our practice utilizes several materials based on the needs of the patient to create a bridge which may include porcelain bonded to metal alloy, gold alloys, or ceramics. The one that is right for you will depend on your specific desires for aesthetics, strength, wear, and cost.